Si l’on en croit Sam Donnellon qui suit les Flyers pour le compte du Inquirer et de philly.com, les troupiers de Peter Laviolette ont jeté l’éponge devant le brio défensif des Devils de Peter Deboer. Claude Giroux n’est plus l’ombre de lui-même et risque même une suspension pour son geste à l’endroit de Dainus Zubrus, Jaromir Jagr et Scott Hartnell, si qui on compte pour appuyer l’attaque sont complètement introuvables, Daniel Brière a connu quelques étincelles, surtout en avantage numérique, mais il n’arrive pas à être le difference makerdont les Flyers ont besoin…

« The Blues learned and the Rangers are learning that formulas that define success in the regular season can sabotage a postseason run. In their cases, tight defense that limits both teams’ opportunities translates into less scoring chances – sometimes a lethal dose against scoring teams that in the playoffs have become more defensively responsible.

The Flyers’ arsenic, of course, is the opposite. With a defense made up of small mobile guys and a few big, slow ones, they need less of a jailbreak mentality in the postseason, not the same strategy they used in trading goals during the regular season, and trading goals in gaining their advantage over Pittsburgh. They need to skate as hard inside of their own zone as they do once they emerge from it. The sad thing, should their season end before this week is out, is that they have proved capable of this for periods in the postseason and at least once, in Game 6 against Pittsburgh, for an entire game.

They will need three of those games now to take that next step.

And there is little in their history this season – or postseason – to suggest they have the legs to do it. »

L’article de Donnellon ici : http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/flyers/20120507_Sam_Donnellon__Flyers__wheels_are_falling_off.html