« It’s now open season on heads in the NHL playoffs.

Sunday’s Pittsburgh-Philadelphia game featured at least three shocking scenes in which the player’s clear intent was to deliver a blow the head: Arron Asham’s hit on Brayden Schenn and James Neal’s cowardly back-to-back attacks on Sean Couturier and Claude Giroux.

That’s bad enough. But it seems there’s been at least one vicious head shot in every frickin’ game since the Weber incident: the Rangers’ Carl Hagelin’s hit on Daniel Alfredsson, Chris Phillips’ hit on Ryan Callahan, the Sharks’ T.J. Galiardi’s hit on the Blues’ Andy McDonald, the Blues’ Vladimir Sobotka’s sucker punch on the Sharks’ Dominic Moore. And that’s just for starters.

The resulting spit storm has been a nightmare for the NHL. This is the one time of the year when the focus of the North American sports media is on hockey but the focus isn’t on the game. Instead, the spotlight is on a sport that appears to be almost criminally violent.

The league actually allowed itself to believe it was getting in front of the head-shot issue, but when given the chance to demonstrate just how seriously they’re taking it, they turtled. »

Ed Willes du Vancouver Province.


Que dire de plus! Tout est là, tout ce qui fait que dans la très grande majorité des foyers américains, le hockey demeure un freak show qui plaît à la gang du nord du continent, ces barbares… Le spectacle disgracieux que nous ont servi les Flyers et les Pens est indigne de la beauté de ce sport quand il est pratiqué selon les règles, loin de l’intimidation et de la violence, plus axé sur la créativité, la vitesse et l’intensité du moment, mais à l’intérieur de ce qui nous différencie des primates (et encore…).