La perte de Markov, au 7e rang de ce top 10 des raisons pour cette misérable saison selon The Hockey Writers...

Il nous impossible de passer sous silence ce top 10 des raisons pour lesquelles le Canadien de Montréal a échoué cette saison, le tout écrit par K. Ross Read du site The Hockey Writers, une lecture tout simplement fascinante!

Un tel classement est toujours subjectif mais pour notre part, LA raison #1, celle qui fait la première place de ce top 10, est indiscutable. Et non, Pierre Gauthier n’est pas #1 de ce top 10, il est # 2 en fait! Ce qui surprend toujours quand on lit sur le Canadien en dehors de la colonie journalistique et des commentateurs locaux, c’est l’unanimité qui se dégage par rapport au pauvre travail qui a été fait par Pierre Gauthier, que cet homme soit encore en poste est simplement aberrant.

Voici quelques points saillants:

#10 Scott Gomez :  Let’s just get it out of the way, shall we? The Montreal Canadiens are paying Scott Gomez nearly the same number of dollars the Pittsburgh Penguins are paying Sidney Crosby. It’s a terrible contract. Everyone in the hockey world knows that, but the fact remains that Montreal knew exactly what the situation was heading into the season. There should have been plenty of time to react appropriately, so pointing the proverbial finger at Gomez does little good, other than providing fans with a scapegoat for the team’s struggles.

À chaque fois que l’on se fait rappeler que Gomez c’est Gomez au salaire d’un Malkin, d’un Crosby… Ça fait mal!

#8 Le système de Jacques Martin : intéressant ici, certains commentateurs pensent le contraire à Montréal, allant même jusqu’à affirmer que ce coach aurait mené ses troupes en séries…

« Looking at the Montreal Canadiens forwards coming out of training camp, one would have assumed the plan was to be a high-flying, offensively driven hockey team. With a full stable of small, but speedy players up front, the Habs were essentially built for a run-and-gun offense, with Carey Price acting as an insurance policy at the back end. Instead, Martin tried (and failed) to implement a tight, defensive mentality. Apparently, no one told Jacques that you aren’t supposed to tow a trailer with a Porsche. The “system” eventually cost Martin his job, but not before it cost the Canadiens the first half of their season. »

#6 La fusillade : What Montreal Gazette columnist Red Fisher refers to as simply “the gimmick” has been anything but cute or entertaining for the Canadiens. Despite the plethora of injuries, the team has found themselves in position to steal the extra point on 14 occasions so far this season. Only 5 times have they been able to do so. Carey Price has been less than sensational in breakaway competitions, but has been solid enough on most nights to give his team a fighting chance. The real issue is with the Habs’ shooters, who have converted on just 13 of 51 opportunities, ranking them 22nd in the league.

#3 L’avantage numérique : bien entendu, la perte de Markov (aussi sur la liste au # 7) est liée ici : Nowhere was Andrei Markov’s presence more sorely missed than with the man advantage. For a team which found itself atop the league’s PP rankings for the past several seasons, 2012 was a complete about-face. Currently sitting in 29th at just 14.7%, teams are simply not afraid to push the Canadiens around. They are a small group, easily intimidated, and have almost zero threat of retribution on the score sheet in the event of a penalty call.

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